Our values
We have identified four core values that each person in our school upholds. They are at the foundation of training in Basis School.


At Basis, we have a thorough and thoughtful approach to education. Children in our school learn from the best teachers and communicate with classmates who are interested in development. This raises the intellectual level of all participants in the educational process.

Studying at Basis is difficult, but exciting. We set big goals and keep the brain in tension thus developing intelligence. Our students are preparing to enter the top universities in the world.

Basis is at the basis of high professional achievements.


For us, creativity is a way of life, a relaxed expression of personality, a natural reaction to unusual situations.

Teachers create their unique courses, tasks for research, create each lesson, showing students the drive of this process. Students learn to find unexpected solutions, discover new ways of development, create, first of all, themselves.

We also understand the value of skills, standardised reactions, and well-established concepts; so that we can develop them in ourselves and in our students - in order to create even more.


Basis School is a community of professional teachers and motivated students. We are confident that a team can achieve more than one person alone.

Together we have created an atmosphere of trust. We support each other's desire to develop and achieve the highest results. The success of each of us is valuable for the whole team. Each of us is responsible for our part in the common cause and expects the same attitude from others. We know why we are here and what we want to achieve.

For us, school is more than a place to study and work. We believe that friendly relationships formed during the school years at Basis will stand the test of time and will provide support in adult life for our students.

Basis is a team that anyone can join if they share our values.


Communication between teachers, students and parents at Basis School is based on mutual trust and respect.

We highly evaluate an individual's personality, we respect their unique features. We teach children to accept the diversity of each person's abilities and character.

Training at Basis takes place without labels, snobbery and arrogance. We behave with dignity not only at school, but also outside it.

If our values coincide with yours, welcome to Basis! But remember: it is challenging to be here!