Secondary and Upper Secondary school
Basis, the school in Kyiv, is being created by teachers using their own life experience from the different fields.
Our goal is to create a school where children can feel the intellectual pleasure and satisfaction. The school graduates are prepearing to become the students of the best universities in the world and gaining the confidence about their professional realization.
The private Basis school majors in sciences (Physics, Math, Chemistry, Biology) and has a high level of teaching English. We rely on academic education which satisfies the worldwide level.
Traditions and innovation
We keep the traditions of classical learning, but we work with each student in a new way. Knowledge is constant and students are different, so they need different approaches.
Global context
Discoveries, changes, events are constantly taking place in science, so textbooks are not enough. We provide contact of students with international and Ukrainian scientists. Students communicate with masters of the cutting edge science. It is important for us to learn English, which is mandatory for communication with the modern scientific world.
Student development
The individual trajectory of a student's education in the secondary and elementary school helps to grow at your own pace, reach the desired level, surpass it and deepen your development.
We keep the brain in tension by developing intelligence. Yes, it is difficult. But students at Basis love to learn and are confident in their future, full of unlimited possibilities.
Interest is the basis of learning
A school is a space where interest in intellectual activity develops. We show that learning is interesting and exciting.