How to join Basis school?
We are looking for students in grades 1-11. Your children will find themselves in an environment where intellectual achievement, critical thinking and curiosity are valued.

In the 2021/2022 academic year, a bilingual program (first and second grades) with English and Ukrainian languages of instruction was implemented at Basis Primary School!

Basis primary school is located at: Predslavynska street, 19.

Enrollment in grades 1-3 with a bilingual curriculum is conducted through testing students for English language proficiency. The interview is conducted by a bilingual program curator, a psychologist and a class teacher.

Enrollment in the 1st grade with a Ukrainian program with in-depth study of mathematics is conducted through an interview with a psychologist to diagnose the child's readiness for school and identifies predisposition to the subjects of the natural cycle. Additional enrollment in grades 2-4 is conducted through an interview with a psychologist and an additional meeting with a class teacher is possible.

Admission to grades 5-11 is conducted through interviews with specialized teachers. It is also possible to attend trial lessons and days.

  • opportunity to study in bilingual classes (English and Ukrainian languages of instruction);
  • a state certificate (License for the right to conduct educational activities issued by the order of the Kyiv City State Administration №1322 from 07/26/2018);
  • a comfortable number of students in classes (up to 16 children);
  • in-depth study of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology;
  • high level of English language study;
  • teachers with experience in the best schools of Kyiv;
  • additional classes, electives, studies in secondary school and upper secondary school: science club, mathematics, mathematical analysis, chemistry, biology, debate club, programming, linguistics, preparation for English exams FCE, PET, KET, speaking club, English language theater, table tennis, hip-hop dance;
  • primary school clubs: logic, chess, lego "Young Engineers", robotics, speaking club, financial literacy, painting, acting, aikido and self-defense section, hip-hop dance;
  • offices equipped with modern multimedia equipment and software;
  • research laboratories;
  • space for creative work;
  • recreation area;
  • personal lockers for personal belongings;
  • three meals a day;
  • full day from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm.

We offer:

Cost of education
In the 2021-2022 academic year, the cost of training is UAH 300,000 per year.

For students in grades 1-2 with a bilingual curriculum, the cost is UAH 315,000 per year. (UAH 35,000 per month for 9 months)

Upon entering the school, a one-time entrance fee of UAH 30,000 is also paid.

If you want to study at Basis School, please email us: