Creative laboratory «5 SCIENCES»

"5 SCIENCES" is a unique course for 5th, 6th, 7th grade students, which combines classes in mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, programming and robotics.

Some of our students in the future will become advanced scientists or successful entrepreneurs, some will choose another direction, but all of them will benefit from attending "5 SCIENCES" which develop abilities to:

Analyze and draw conclusions
Justify your thoughts
Work in a team
Put ideas into practice

Our course aims to develop these skills and talents of your child. During classes, children receive not just in-depth study of each subject, but much more.

In physics, biology and chemistry, students will learn to make plausible assumptions and learn about scientific methods of testing their theories. Classes in mathematics and robotics are designed to develop a child's logic, ability to improvise and think critically.

Contact Information

Viber/Telegram: 050 714 50 02