There is no alternative, we strongly believe we must give children the basis of life, and that is education.
The Basis School provides a high level of education in the field of natural sciences and the study of English. Our school is founded by teachers who have their own teaching methods and techniques. We successfully combine traditional teaching with a modern and friendly approach to children.

We grant students with a foundation for building high self-esteem, the opportunity to discover themselves, to go beyond the role of mere performers, and become researchers and creators in the years to come. The school helps every pupil to develop critical thinking and culture.
The school was founded by teachers and is currently supported by Ukrainian patrons.
About School
The private Basis School in Kyiv is targeted at pupils who are interested in receiving specialized education (Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Biology) and a high level of English. The Ukrainian Atestat (Certificate of Complete General Secondary Education). The school has a license for the right to conduct educational activities.
Our teachers are unique, everyone is an expert and a fan of their subject. You can meet our team on the Basis website.
Our methods
Educational methods involve pupils' participation in solving the interesting tasks and extraordinary research, created by our teachers
The educational process is based primarily on the interests of students, their desire to get answers.
The Basis School provides a high level of education in sciences, stimulating intellectual abilities of each student so as to provide them with high opportunities to fulfil their ambitions in the future. Our graduates are desirable students in the best higher education institutions in the world.
The private Basis School in Kyiv is a center of scientific worldview, an educational environment that combines current, modern knowledge with the classical foundation of science education. We strive to be a model and benchmark for schools of a similar profile.
The Founders of our school
Yuri Biletsky
the ideological inspirer, School Supervisor and a teacher of Mathematics and Physics
Dmytro Basov
Head of the Department of Natural Sciences, Group Work Supervisor, a teacher of Mathematics
Oleksandr Trylis
Honoured Teacher of Ukraine, Research Projects Supervisor, Head of the Science Club, a teacher of Physics
Victor Zadoyanny
Educational Supervisor, Teaching Team Moderator, Head of the Debate Club, a teacher of Chemistry
Dilova Street, 3 (Secondary and Upper Secondary school)
Predslavynska Street, 19 (Primary school)

Secondary & Upper Secondary school contacts:
(044) 333-63-48;
(068) 418 86 18

Primary school contacts:
(044) 334-67-97;
(066) 634 93 53
Working hours: 8:30 – 18:30